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The Benefits of a PLR Membership

Smart marketers that are on a budget know that one of the best ways to get top quality articles, eBooks, audios and more on a monthly basis go with a PLR membership site. The advantages of ready to go PLR delivered to your email or downloaded from a membership site each month are many.

In the business of Internet Marketing, there are many tasks that must be mastered, or at the very least outsourced, and writing is one of them. Maybe you don't like writing or suffer from a lack confidence with your writing skills. Or maybe you know how to write, but feel your time would be better spent doing other tasks. So you turn to PLR content.

The problem with PLR in general, is that you can't count on the quality from provider to provider. Yes, you could do a Google search of your "niche term + PLR" and find plenty of offerings. Chances are, though, that you'll have to rewrite it because it's either poorly written or way out dated - which is why it's so cheap.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could hire a ghostwriter or freelancer at $30+ a page and that's great if you have the budget. But for most marketers who are starting out on a budget but still want quality what is there for them?

Enter the PLR membership site. PLR membership sites have several distinct advantages, one being the fact that they limit the licenses sold, such as only 200 members are issued licenses. That keeps the value high. While some might say that 200 licenses are still too many, the fact is that only 10% of the actual products are being used. The actual competition is more like 20 versions, most of which are being changed enough to avoid duplication.

Another distinct advantage is that the owners of the membership site go all out putting together high value product for their members. A package will typically include at least one 30+ page report, a 5-7 page shorter viral report, a pack of articles, and a well written sales letter with nice graphics.

Finally, a PLR membership is perfect for the infopreneur who likes to crank out a niche site complete with all of the promotional materials in a matter of a few days. The name of the game in Internet Marketing is speed of implementation. With a new PLR pack ready to go, you can have a brand new product available on the market every month.

The cost of the PLR membership can range from $27 a month all the way up to $199 per month. But if you break it down, you can't beat the value. The best PLR memberships offer at least one well researched eBook ($400), a sales letter with quality graphics ($400+), and a pack of articles to use on your autoresponder, blog or to do article marketing ($200). So for the monthly fee, you get $1,000+ worth of well written, ready to go info products, which can potentially make you thousands of dollars. It's a no-brainer.

The only disadvantage with PLR membership sites is that they're hard to come by. If you can find a place on a good PLR membership site, grab your spot, because the best sites are always full and only taking names for a standby list.


If you found this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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