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How to Maximize Your Use of PLR

Private label rights content can be nearly as good as hiring someone to write for you if you know how to use it right. Getting good PLR in the first place is probably the best advice. There is nothing more aggravating than having to spend more time rewriting bad PLR than writing it from scratch yourself.

But in any case, even when the PLR is good, always plan to rewrite it somewhat. Changing the title around (keeping your keywords intact), modifying the section titles, and adding an introductory paragraph or page are the minimal changes.

It's easy to get carried away rewriting, so try to limit yourself if you're pressed for time. If the article is good enough, then let it be. The key to a good article is an attention getting title with the keyword in it, followed by an interesting introductory paragraph. So spend more time here than you would in the rest of the article.

The same goes for an eBook - make an introduction that lays the ground work for the rest of the report. Spend time on the reason why they need the information in the report and then touch up the headlines and sub-headlines as needed. Unless you feel compelled to fill in the rest of the eBook, try to have a "good enough is good enough" attitude for the shortest path to success.

Don't forget that just because the PLR is in eBook format, it doesn't mean it can't be sliced up into an e-course or smaller articles that you can add to your blog and submit to the ezine directories - or used fill up your autoresponder weeks ahead of time.

Never underestimate the power of articles that are sprinkled all over the Internet creating backlinks to your site. PLR just makes it easier for you to come up with those articles. The more articles you have out there, the more your name will get in front of the eyes of the people who you are trying to reach you become an authority in your field.

A newer way to use PLR articles is to convert them into a slideshow made with Microsoft PowerPoint that is recorded as you read it. Done properly, you can have a really nice video to promote your site from YouTube or other video sharing sites.

Because video is a popular mode of communication, you should take any way you can to get it out in front of your target audience. PLR articles converted to video as well as already made PLR videos that you buy are a quicker way to get that kind of media out there.

With PLR, you can put together an original package that pulls together different pieces from various sources and you can bundle up a premium information product in a fraction of the time you'd put into it if you made it from scratch since someone else did most of the writing, recording and research. Learn to think outside the box with your PLR content. It's yours to do with as you please, so become skilled at ways you can use it effectively in your business.


If you found this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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