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How Valuable Is Free PLR?

How valuable can free PLR be if it doesn't cost a cent to own it? At first glance, free always sounds tempting. Who hasn't taken a free sample of snacks at the grocery store or Sam's Club when they're giving them out, right? But admittedly, there are times when free is good and there are times when free takes more work than it's worth.

First of all, you might ask yourself why it's free. Some sites give away free PLR just to get you to join their list - sort of like the grocery store analogy above. These marketers want you to see the quality of their work, so you get a sample to try out.

That's fair enough - but you can expect that they will ask for your name and email on an opt in form so they can continue to sell you on their main niche. That's just good business. Some people consider that a "cost" associated with free PLR, however.

Be wary of "free" anything: articles, eBooks or reports, audio, or even some simple software. There is a cost somewhere - even if it is just giving your name and email address.

More often than not, while you don't pay cash for it - you may end up spending your precious time rewriting a dull or poorly written article or eBook (and we all know your time isn't free).

Still, if you do have more time than money, even a free article pack that is okay can be quickly fixed up and used. Also, you can get some good ideas from the articles, which you can spin off into something original.

In that sense, it won't hurt to take a look at some of it if nothing else but to see if you can makeover an article pack and redo it into an eBook or vice versa - turn an eBook into several articles. All you expended was your time.

Just don't let yourself get bogged down in it. You may end up spending more time rewriting than it would take to have written it from scratch in the first place! And as the saying goes: time is money.

A good rule of thumb is to limit your time - even go so far as to use an egg timer - when you attempt a rewrite. That way you aren't hacking away at something for an hour that might have originally taken 30 minutes for you to write in the first place.

So where do you find free PLR? It's as simple as Googling "your niche + free PLR" or just "free PLR" and see what's out there. You will likely have to do some weeding so you see what's worth your investment of time. But once in awhile you can find some very good stuff that will do the trick just fine.


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