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Article Marketing Automation With a Free Directory and Blog

Whenever you mention article marketing, most people instantly get an image of sitting down to write a bunch of content. But it’s more than the writing process. You can cash in promoting affiliate products or your own products and services by setting up a system that automates your article marketing for you year round.

There are three ways to add article marketing automation to your task list. The first involves outsourcing your writing and submission process to a qualified freelancer. You simply pay a bill and then let them conduct a full article marketing campaign for you, with hyperlinks pointing back to your domain.

The second one involves an email autoresponder system. Use a free viral report to get subscribers to an online newsletter and then drip feed a daily, weekly or monthly article to them that you grab from your own article directory account or from someone else’s, since you’re allowed to use articles as a publisher.

Use a system like Aweber and schedule your follow up emails to go out on a regular basis. You can add a bit to the email by writing an introduction about the topic that the article will cover, and ending the email with a conclusion (and possible hyperlink to a product, too).

Thirdly, you can use the same tactic on a blog that you create. Register a domain on a registrar like GoDaddy and use a hosting plan at a site like Hostgator, which has a cpanel where you can install a WordPress blog using the Fantastico button.

Then click Add New blog post and post your first article that you grab as a publisher form an article directory. Keep adding new blog posts, only for subsequent entries, schedule them to post each day for as long as you want them to appear.

Google and other search engine spiders will continually visit to index your content – the more frequently you post, the more often they’ll come back to index. Try to post some original articles mixed in with the article directory content or at the very least write an introduction to the article and a conclusion, as you would do with an email autoresponder.

Article marketing automation can help shave time off of your daily task list. By either allowing someone else to handle the workload or setting up a system that continues posting throughout the year, you’re able to focus your efforts on other areas where you need a more hands on approach.


If you found this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my site:

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