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Social Media Marketing Content
Social Media Markting Content

Below are short excerpts of the quality content you will get in the documents of this collection.

Social Media Success Factors - Part 1

While there is lots of discussion about what a company needs to do on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there is no consensus on what a successful long term campaign looks like. Measures such as sales and opt-ins to the company's database, aren't always relevant to the long term success of social media.

In essence, social media ties people to brands at an emotional level. When it is working as well, social networking carries a branding effect for the company. It keeps the business in front of the eyes of its target customers. Indirectly, the standard benchmarks (opt-ins and sales) should be on the rise as a result of a company's participation in social media.

Social Media Success Factors - Part II

The key to success with social media marketing is to match your content to those who buy. Matching the content to the medium is a secondary issue. It is likely that you have buyers that hang out on one of the key networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google plus, Tumblr or YouTube.

Each of these platforms has a different character in the way that information is shared on them. However, the content that attracts your particular buyers is likely to be the same, regardless of the platform.

How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed With Social Media

You've probably read that a good way to promote your business is to connect with customers, friends and interested prospects on social media platforms. These platforms would include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus.   Each of these platforms requires a different way to build personal rapport with other members as well as its own significant investment of time.

When social media is discussed, it's normally talked about as one medium. This means that often business owners hear that they must have their business on the classification of “social media”.

Why Do I Need A Blog?

Business owners often ask the question, "…if I have a website, why does my company need a blog also?" A company website communicates factual information about the company. Often, it contains pricing details, order pages, and shopping carts. If an internet user wants to know a company's hours of operation, they're typically posted on the company's official website. If someone wants directions to the office, they'll look to the company's website to either click to get the answer or to read it.


However, the company's website won't carry the opinions of the owner and/or executive; nor will it have information about trends outside of those it operates in. It definitely won't have information on leisure activities of management and/or staff.

Facebook Basics

Facebook continues to be the one of the most visited site on the web. And, to date there has been no replacement for what the site has become to most people.  Many use Facebook to connect with family and friends such that is has taken the place of being able to reach out by telephone. It's estimated that there are at least 3 to 4 different generational age demographics actively using Facebook accounts.

These facts are background to the need for every business to have a presence on the platform. While not every business needs to be active in seeking prospects and customers, it would be unwise to avoid holding a platform for Facebook users to visit to learn about your business.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing

You may be hesitant in getting a Facebook Fan page for your business because of what may be an increased time commitment to making it positive.   That is a very real concern, because as you know the average daily time spent on Facebook by US users is 15.5 minutes per day. What if a number of them really need to hear from you daily-really need their 15 minutes from you and your company?  As is the case with most businesses, you don't have extra time to maintain yet another website - even if it is used for marketing purposes. 

The thought of adding something else to your schedule could give you a reason to stop and think before you add this Facebook Fan Page to the way that you market your business. 

The Google Plus Social Network

This is where the Google Plus Network established a new position in the marketplace even though the company was a late comer to social networking platforms. As Facebook and Twitter grew in popularity, Google chose not to launch its site in competition with them. However, in 2010, Google began to integrate its social network into everything else the company did online:

Google Plus was integrated with its business directory site called Google Places.

It was also integrated with the company's video sharing site,

Twitter Basics

Twitter is much like other social networks, in that its success depends on the depth of relationships that you are able to build with those that follow you. While there is merit to having a large number of followers, it is much more important that there is a connection with whom you are connected.

It is better to have 100 people who follow your words closely and re-send your thoughts, rather than 10,000 that do not truly pay attention to what you say. Therefore, do not be discouraged when you hear that a business owner or their company has more Twitter followers than you have. Is the depth and quality of relationship that truly matters.

Understanding Tumblr

One of the less talked about social networking sites that combines blogging with some of the visual aspects of platforms such as, Pinterest and YouTube, is Tumblr. Tumblr gives a company unlimited space on their site to post. Tumblr sites tend not to rank in search engines as those posting the information don't do so for SEO value.

However, Tumblr does serve a purpose for companies marketing their business on the Internet. Just as the blog should be the key to their social networking strategy, tumbler provides companies with an opportunity to provide most audiovisual information. While all of the information that you post to tumbler, should also be on your blog...

X Marks the Spot

Google has made it absolutely necessary for you to have a presence on the Maps section of their site. Called Google Plus Pages (Places), it has become the new "Yellow Pages" for individuals looking for products and services in their local area.

Even if consumers make a telephone call to their local area store, they're still likely to visit the Google search engine first to find the best place to visit. They're unlikely to look to their yellow pages phone directory. This has implications for your business if you market any product or service in your local area.  If course, you want your company to appear as a local option any time someone does a search for the product or service that you sell.

Having Your Own Broadcast Media

The Internet allows for you to produce your own multimedia programming and use them as content to attract customers and prospects. You don't just have to rely on content with written text. You can now have your own audio and video programming. The best part about having both available to you is that they are relatively low to no cost.

They're also important because individuals that carry mobile devices often find it easier to listen or view content rather than to read it. Companies that long article content are likely to see their audience decrease over time. However, they can make up the gap by producing interesting programming.


 Social Media Marketing Content

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