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How You Can Earn a Full Time Income As An Affiliate

You have pretty big goals as an affiliate. Hopefully, you have really specific goals in mind.

If you don't yet, it's time to start. You should know exactly how much you want to earn as an affiliate and by when.

Give yourself a deadline.

By when do you want to earn $1,000 a month? By when do you want to earn $3,000 a month? That's a number that many people equate with being a "full time" income.

I think you can do it much more quickly than you think.

There are several different ways you can achieve this goal.

You can promote strictly digital products. You can choose a profitable niche that has an abundance of great digital products. You can build a list in this niche and set up a review site.

You can promote strictly physical products. Set up a blog where you become an expert. Make your blog so interesting to the people of your niche that they'll want to bookmark your blog, join your list, and visit on a regular basis.

You can also do a mixture as an affiliate. You can dabble in several different niches. In fact, that can be a good thing to do over time because you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket.

I do want to warn you that you won't be able to earn at all if you don't follow through. Don't start promoting one thing only to float away and start promoting something else.

Follow through. Start earning in one niche before moving on to another.

You'll do yourself a favor if you choose to promote related niches.

Or, you might choose to stick to one niche only and branch out a bit. You can become a true heavy hitter in that niche- someone of authority.

Eventually, you might want to consider creating your own products within your niche. That way, you can earn money as an affiliate and have other people promoting the products you create.

Being an affiliate and a product creator can certainly help you get to a full time income.

Again, I think you'll get to where you want to be much more quickly if you choose to focus on building your list as an affiliate.

Promote to that list, build relationships with that list, and profit from that list. Put people first and think about what's really going to help them and impact their lives.

Earning More By Promoting Recurring Income Products

You want to get to a full time income quickly… and with as little effort as possible.

The absolute best way I can recommend you do that is by promoting recurring income products.

Recurring income products are those subscription products and services that customers get billed for every month (or however it's set up by the product owner).

As an affiliate, you earn your commission from these products and services every month.

It's pretty remarkable, really. You do the work of finding the customer one time and then you get paid over and over again every time that recurring billing comes through.

If you're looking for an easy sell in the Internet marketing niche, my membership site The IM Inside Track is a great recurring billing service to get started promoting.

It's low cost for the customer and there's an opportunity for people to get an annual membership so you can get paid more at once, or every time those payments come through.

If you're looking to earn more money per sale, than my very popular Earn 1K a Day membership site is great to promote. This site has been around for a very long time and has a great reputation in the niche.

It's a higher charge per month because of everything it comes with- a definite benefit for your buyers. And you get paid every single month.

Promote something once and get paid for it over and over again. If you put your effort into promoting products like this, then there's a chance you can work less and earn more from your efforts.

Get Started as An Affiliate Today

Get started earning from affiliate marketing quickly by taking this seriously and coming up with a game plan. Think about everything you've learned and create a schedule for yourself. Follow through with that schedule and you can work your way up to a full time income.


If you find this content helpful, you can find lots more like it, that you are free to use for your own purposes, at my main site:

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