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How to Write Incredible Product Review Content

Writing product reviews is a wonderful way to earn money as an affiliate. Product reviews are an in depth way to affirm your position as a thought-maker in your niche, secure search engine traffic, and make good money as an affiliate. You'll incorporate your knowledge of writing pre-selling content to write fantastic product reviews.

There are two basic kinds of product reviews. The first is based on products you actually review. This means you have the product in hand or on your screen and can give the reader a complete overview of what the product is or contains. This is the ideal kind of review, particularly when you're talking about a digital product.

The second is where you act as a reporter-reporting on the reviews or descriptions others have written. This is definitely second best, but still very useful- particularly if you're reviewing products that would not be practical to have yourself. This is typically more common when reviewing physical products.

Examine the Review Style of Your Niche

The type of review you choose to write definitely depends on which niche you're in. I suggest you take a look at some of the product reviews your competition has put out there. This can give you an idea of the typical product review style for your niche. It will also give you the opportunity to brainstorm ways you can do even better.

Taking the Time to Plan and Write the Content

In general, you should go fairly in depth with your product review. You may want to take extensive notes on the product on your planning day and write the actual review on one of your content days. Structure it however it works for you.

Extensive reviews can be completed in a couple of 60-minute time blocks. Shorter reviews can be finished in just one 30-minute block of time. Get a feel for how long it will take you so you can set aside the right amount of time.

Focus On the Benefits of the Product

As always, your buyers are much more interested in the benefits of the product versus the features. The features of a product are just fine to list. But they aren't what is going to convince the reader to buy.

What's really the heart of the product? What are the problems or specific problem the product will solve for them? Figure out the benefits that will really win people over.

Acknowledging the Negative

While you should definitely emphasize the positives of the product, it's okay to point out the negative. In fact, it can even boost sales when you point out the negative. Your review will stand out because many marketers have a bad reputation for glossing over anything bad and over-emphasizing anything good, even outright lying.

Be very honest and point out anything you feel is missing in the product (you can even use this as an excuse to create a bonus product that addresses the need, making it an easy decision for people to buy through your link).

Storytelling in Your Review

Along with reviewing the features and benefits of the product, you can also use elements of storytelling and elements of persuasion to move the reader through to the sale. Draw them in and get them interested by sharing your story or a related story.

Compare To Other Products

Also, consider comparing and contrasting competing products. Many people will read your review while they're in the midst of comparing these products on their own. You can save them a step and essentially close the sale by doing the comparison for them.

Remember-never recommend a product if you don't actually like it. You aren't going to like every product you review. With that said, you absolutely can still write about products you don't love. You can even still include your affiliate link with a negative review, unless you find something absolutely despicable about the product.

Some people will read and appreciate your honest review and go on to buy anyway. You can also provide a link to an alternative product you think will be a better fit. Test and track your results when trying both of these methods.

Where to Put Your Affiliate Link

You're a marketer, in the end, and you've given your honest review. Don't be afraid to ask for the sale and give a great call to action. Also consider including pictures linked with your affiliate link. Include strategic text links. Having affiliate links in more than one place can boost conversions.

Updating Your Popular Reviews

Consider adding updates to your review over time, especially if it's something you're using or putting into action yourself. Some reviewers are extremely thorough and do a series of reviews on the same product.

These review posts may get a lot of interested traffic and really dominate in the search engines because there's so much interest in a more in-depth, real-time review. Save this for products you really care a lot about, but it is a great technique that can be a lot of help to your readers.

The secret of writing incredible product reviews is being honest, thorough, and persuasive. Using these elements in combination will help you sell much more in much less time.

Writing product reviews is perfect for you as an affiliate marketer, because these earn for you even in your sleep. You can post about your review on your social media accounts, email your list about it, and find a following from search engine traffic. Imagine how wonderful your income can be once you have dozens of these reviews on your blog, earning for you on autopilot.


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