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How To Use Bonuses Effectively

As an internet marketer, you'll always looking for ways to increase your conversion rates. If people are leaving your page and not buying, you want to know why. How can you get them off the fence and to that buy button?

Ideally, you'll have a strong offer that will sway them. They'll know right away that what you're offering is right for them. Even more ideally, your offer will be so incredible that the price you're offering it at will seem like a steal of a deal.

Sometimes, though, that's just not enough. There are so many distracting offers out there vying for people's attention and their wallets. Not to mention the distractions of the world-it can seem next to impossible to mesmerize them long enough to get them to buy.

So it seems necessary to do something a little bit extra-special to make sure people realize how great a deal you have. If you offer an extra incentive, it will almost seem crazy if they pass the offer up. I'm talking about offering a bonus.

People are going to pay a certain amount of money to get access to the product you're offering. That's all well and good. But only a certain number of people are going to pay that amount. We're talking about tipping the scales well in your favor.

You're already going to make sales from the customers who would have bought anyway. So now you need those extra sales you wouldn't have gotten. We're talking about squeezing even more money out of every product you market or write copy for.

Add a bonus.

Beyond perfecting your copywriting skills and tweaking your copy over and over again, consider adding a great bonus.

People love to get things for free. There's something so special and enjoyable about it. When you attach that feeling to a product you're selling, it can absolutely work in your favor.

How to Choose a Great Bonus

You can't just give anything away for free. It's important to give some thought, time, and consideration to this. Make sure your bonus is a great match for your main offer.

It should feel like they're getting something that's pushing them over the edge. It can be something that matches the value of the original offer.

Be careful-it can be really tempting to just throw something up there just to have a "bonus." But you want to make sure it's something that will really add a great deal of value to your offer.

Put yourself in the shoes of those in your audience. What will they go crazy for? What will they feel adds a ton of value? What's going to get them to click on that buy button?

Creating a Bonus

Focus on quality… but that doesn't mean you have to spend endless amounts of time creating your bonus. You certainly don't have to spend as much time creating the bonus as you spent creating the main product.

Brainstorm ways you can create something that will be meaningful to those in your audience but won't take a ton of time. You can offer things like templates, short guides, examples, and more.

The exact bonus depends on your niche and your product, of course. Test different things and see what works best for you.

Using What You Already Have to Create a Bonus

Often, you can use what you already have to create a great bonus. I'm all about using content in more than one way. You don't have to work really hard on your bonus and spend days and days creating something new… especially if you've released products in the past.

Why not use one of your past products that you no longer have up for sale as a bonus for a new product? You can even use a different product as a bonus even if it's still for sale… as long as the value and price of the new offer is high enough.

Take stock of what you already have. Remember-don't create more work for yourself than you have to. Use what you have and profit more from what you already have. Not only will you capture more buyers because you're offering a great product that has real-world value, but some might recognize and have wanted the bonus product in the past, which could put them over the edge.

In some cases, you might want to put together a bonus package and offer more than one product as a bonus. This is something you may want to do with higher priced products where you want to add truly exceptional value. In general, more value you can add, the better. Don't add products just to pad the bonus-add products because they're truly valuable.

You can also buy rights to products to use as bonuses. You can often use PLR (private label rights) products as bonuses. This can save you a lot of time. As long as you choose high quality PLR or high quality products, your customers will be happy and you should be able to collect some extra sales.

How to Make Your Bonus Look Great

You've chosen a great bonus that you're really excited about. Now you have to put it in your copy so it can net you those extra sales.

Think about the bonus area as a mini area of copy. You don't want to devote too much space to the bonus. At the same time, you want to be able to sway people.

Remember to relate the bonus to the offer so people know it's something that really adds a huge amount to the value… and they're getting it for free.

It can also be helpful to attach a dollar value to the bonus in your copy. This shows people that they're getting something that has real-world value for free. That really makes people sit up and take notice in the best possible way.

Start Using Bonuses and Profit More

Take a look at your current sales letters. Are you using bonuses? If you are, are they the right sorts of bonuses? If you're not using bonuses, start to test them and see how they do for you. It just might be that they dramatically increase your conversions.

Not only will you have more money in your pocket, but your audience will be thrilled that they're getting what they paid for and so much more. That can help boost your relationship with them and ensure that they buy from you time and time again.


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