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Article Marketing Strategies in the World of Web 2.0

To understand the importance of article marketing strategies in computer language, take a look at a mighty oak tree. Or rather, take a look at the roots of the tree. The older and stronger the tree is, the further spread out the roots will be. To stand firm and not get blown over in the marketing world, you have to employ strategies to spread the roots of your business far and wide.

Putting articles up in directories is always a great idea and helps your business gain exposure and for you to get branded as an expert in your niche. However, you don’t ever want to put all of your articles in one directory basket so to speak.

Because if something happens to that directory, say for whatever reason it shuts down, then all of your hard work would go right down the drain along with it. So what you want to do is to make sure you use sites that aren’t part of a directory.

Some of the sites out there, such as Squidoo, let you post as many articles on a particular topic as you’d like to post. You can employ article marketing strategies by posting to a lot of different lenses talking about your product and best of all, you can create a relationship between yourself and the reader. You can harness the power of social media and watch your conversion rate rise simply because of word of mouth.

Readers love to interact with Squidoo writers in their guestbooks. You can also put affiliate links in the lens as well as have the buttons so that readers can follow you on Facebook or you can set up a button so that they can share your information with others. Visitors who feel like your content was helpful or that they enjoyed it can tweet about it on their Twitter account.

Hub Pages is another place you can put articles on that directly impacts your business. These articles are listed on pages (called Hubs) and the more interesting and relevant the article, the higher the readers will help it get via rankings. Since Hub Pages rank high in Google, just by having your information on the pages, your business will benefit from the added traffic.

Google Knol is another way to effectively employ article marketing strategies. You can write articles - even numerous ones on the same topic - and post them in your account there.

Google Knol is a handy tool to use to get a greater web presence. Knol features the highest rated articles, new articles, the ones that are being talked about the most and they even feature the top authors on the home page. There’s a lot of power available to you for free that can greatly impact your business. All you have to do is harness that power.


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