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7 Article Marketing Tips to Help Increase Views and Conversions

Everyone can use a little help with his or her article conversions. Even the best marketers tweak their style to try to achieve the very best rates possible. Here are seven article marketing tips that can help you have even greater success with your campaigns:

Tip #1: Treat Your Title Like the Star Attraction

If they don’t like your title, they’re not going to read the body of your article, much less make it to the resource box where you’ve placed your hyperlinks. Take more time to create a traffic pulling title than you do with any other part of your article.

Tip #2: Maintain a Perfect Keyword Density

Most article directories don’t set limits, but the good ones do. That’s because they know what search engine spiders consider keyword stuffing. Keep it to a healthy 2%, which means for every 400 word article, you could use your keyword phrase 8 times total.

Tip #3: Break It Up With Bullet Points

Make your article easy to read by creating lists in bullet point form. People love to quickly skim an article first and then click on to the next chunk. Or, if they like what they see in the bullet points, they’ll go back to the beginning and read your article more thoroughly.

Tip #4: Check Your Spelling Before You Submit Your Article

Don’t simply use spellcheck to check the quality of your work. It doesn’t always catch the mistakes. Go through your article word by word and make sure it’s correct. Some readers will click out if they encounter a spelling error.

Tip #5: Watch for Trends You Can Use in Your Article Marketing

Magazines and news shows will touch on a wide variety of niche topics, and you can watch for trends or topics and then use them to rank high quickly with your articles.

Tip #6: Share Your Articles in a Viral Nature Once They’re Published

Your article marketing campaign doesn’t end the moment the directory accepts and publishes your article. Give it a boost by pinging your article link, bookmarking it on sites like StumbleUpon, and publishing it on your own blogs and websites!

Tip #7: Run a Few Different Versions of Your Resource Box

Don’t make the common mistake of writing a short bio or “about me” in your author’s resource area. With article marketing, this is the prime spot where you’re supposed to guide your reader from the body of the article to your call to action. Go out with a bang and invite them to download a freebie or follow up for some deeper information. And test a few variations to see what works best.

Employ all or some of these seven article marketing tips and you’ll be well on your way to designing a content campaign that produces great results every time and lasts for years to come.


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