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Multi-Media Sales Funnels

If you want to succeed online, you need to dominate your niche with top of the line content in every format. You want to make it so that where ever folks look online, something of yours pops up to fill their wants or needs. It really isn't that hard to do... if you have enough quality content - in every format imaginable.


These Exercise and Fitness Themed Multi-media Sales Funnels fit the bill when it comes to branding yourself as the #1 source, solution and problem solver in the exercise and fitness niche.

The slideshow below gives you an overview of our Mix and Match Exercise and Fitness Sales Funnels

Exercise and Fitness Multi-Media Sales Funnels 

(6 premium video and multi-product resale collections)
Front Ends, Upsells and Backends To Build Your Brand

If you are just interested in the MULTI-MEDIA portion

of this collection, you can grab all of the above for




Or, you can take advantage of our backwards pricing

(the more you buy, the more you save) and grab the entire

Mix and Max collection at the bottom of the page.

Exercise and Fitness PLR Content Collection
Exercise and Fitness PLR Content Collection

Exercise and Fitness Mix and Max

Complete Collection 


All the content, graphics AND Multi-media Sales Funnels

(shown on this page and page 1 and page 2)

Plenty of Private Label Content, Graphics and Videos To

Create A Complete Product Line Bearing Your Unique Brand

If you paid for all 3 collections separately it would cost you...


But because of our backwards pricing

you can grab it all today for only...




The PLR Content Source Is Your Source

For High Quality, Value Packed Private Label Rights Content That You Can Actually Afford and Profit From!


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