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First Steps In An Effective Marketing Campaign
First Steps In An Effective Marketing Campaign

Below are short excerpts of the quality content you will get in the documents of this collection.

Marketing Tips to Success

As communication methods are changing rapidly in our society, it seems that marketers are having to adapt along with it.  As a business owner or manager, you have a number of decisions to make a about how to get the word out about your company.  Should you focus on your website or should you focus on traditional media like television and radio? Should you be looking to access people who have mobile phones or people who spend time on their personal computers?  It seems as if the number of choices is infinite.  And as fast as you begin to understand how to adapt in one area, another major shift in how people behave takes place.


In spite of that fact, there are some principles that do not change, regardless of how you communicate...

First Steps in an Effective Marketing Campaign - 01

When you are setting out to decide on how you want to market your business on the internet, you will have a number of options available to you.  You can use search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or even pay per click marketing. All of these methods can be effective for your business when done carefully.  However, each of the methods do have a cost associated with them in terms of time and budgeted dollars. 

Because of this fact, you will want to make sure that when you choose to engage in them, that you do so in ways that give your business the opportunity to profit from getting a message in front of buyers... 

First Steps in an Effective Marketing Campaign - 02

When you are thinking about what to 'say' in your internet videos, or state in your Pay Per Click advertising, or project in your social media messages, you may be overwhelmed with the number of directions that you can take.  You could choose to talk about the business to brand it; you could talk about a new product; you could talk about a new promotion or you could even talk about some existing aspect of your business that has not been discussed previously.  Of course, your final decision will rest on what you think will be the most profitable use of your resources.

Most businesses advertise and compete on the basis of pricing.  They assume that most buyers will visit a store if that is the place where they can get the best bargain...

First Steps in an Effective Marketing Campaign - 03

Small business owners know that they must have a presence on the internet.  They know that it probably includes Social Media and definitely must take mobile commerce into consideration.  They are also hearing and seeing that internet video is being used to advertise products and services at an increasing rate.  They receive email messages both as a consumer as well as a business owner, with sales messages in them.  So there is no debate as to whether a company needs to have a marketing process on the internet.

What is not so clear, is what needs to be said.  Besides offering sale pricing or special information, business owners are trying to figure out what should the message be?

Video Marketing USP and Your Position as A Local Expert

When you commit to video marketing, there are a number of ways to take advantage of its benefits.  First and foremost, because potential buyers can associate a name with a face, you are able to connect at a more personal level with them.  Although it may not lead directly to more sales, it will place you in a more favorable light as you make more direct marketing pitches regardless of what medium you are using.  

Internet video also allows you to demonstrate to a potential buyer what your product or service might look like for them.  This gives the buyer one of the key psychological triggers in the purchase process which is "proof" that the product (or service) could work for them...

Video Marketing: How to Get Your Video Out to People

Video marketing is very effective when you are trying to connect with your customers and clients.  However, there is a fundamental decision that every business owner must make about how to distribute his or her video content.   Depending on what you decide, it may even impact how you create your video, and certainly what you might verbalize at the end.

You can create internet video and distribute it in one of two basic ways.  Distribution is just another way of saying that you are making sure that it appears to an audience of people that will be interested in whatever your video is about.

Using YouTube to Distribute Your Internet Video

A business can use any one of fifty plus video sharing sites in order to distribute their video for others to see their message. Marketing professionals typically find uses for all of them when they are concentrating a campaign to get a focused message out.  However, most if not all successful video marketing campaigns start with using the video sharing site YouTube.

Business owners and managers are probably familiar with using the site on a personal level.  Schools, families and friends share videos between each other in order to connect in more meaningful ways.  Since 2005 when the site began, people have used the free site to upload their own videos and have them seen by audiences as big or small as they have chosen. 

The Benefits of a Properly Optimized YouTube Video

There are a number of options available to promote your business using internet video.  And if you read about them all of those you see on various blogs or in business publications, it can be confusing to try to think about them all systematically.  Add to that all of the other actions that marketing experts say that you need to take to promote your business including SEO, Social Media and Mobile, you can consume all of your available time with internet promotion.

So the best action to take is to make sure that you doing the kind of internet video that has the potential to give you the greatest return on investment of time and resources...

Anatomy of A Well Structured YouTube Marketing Campaign

When you are using internet video to provide exposure to your business, one of the best ways to see a return on your time and financial resources is to use YouTube.  The most obvious reason is that the YouTube.Com videos are favored by Google.  And if you didn't already know this, Google gets about 67% of all internet searches according to Experian, Search Engine Watch and various industry analysts.

So, a well structured campaign on Google can be beneficial to your business.  Taking your video through the process of making it findable for searchers puts your business in a different psychological position. Instead of being just another business out there to 'sell' something; you are helping a searcher to solve a specific problem.

Advantages of Using YouTube To Connect With Mobile Customers

As you probably have already seen in your business, a number of your prospects and customers access the internet through a mobile device.  If they are finding your website, and your statistics are like those of other businesses around the world, then you can expect that about 25% of all of your website visitors are mobile based visitors.  In the same way, if you are sending out email newsletters, sale announcements or product updates, you can expect that about 47% of the emails you send are being read by your customers on a mobile device of some kind.

The numbers will change, no doubt, as time passes but the fact remains that whatever you are doing with respect to your internet marketing, you will need to take your mobile visitors into account...


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